Pullet ate fingertip of nitrile glove... now what?


Apr 22, 2022
NorthWest USA
What happened?
I had just finished my normal emptying/refilling waterer, refilling food, checking they have grit, moving around wood shaving bedding, etc. When, after finishing the bit of clover I had snipped for them in the yard.. My favorite pullet (an ameraucana), walked over and looked up at me (nothing out of the ordinary), when I finally looked down and looked at her, she jumped and nipped my finger. She didn't get my finger.. what she did get was the tip of my kirkland brand nitrile glove. What followed for the next minute was me trying to get it away from her while she ran around, dropped it once, frantically picked it back up as another pullet tried to take it from her.. then it was gone.

I just stood there for a second.. thinking.. really? Wondering.. did I just let her kill herself? ugh... So now I'm wondering if maybe things will work out and she'll pass it or if it will block her crop, gizzard, etc. to the point of death.

At this point, not sure what to do. Is there anything that I can do? Or is it just a wait and see?

This happened about 20 mins ago.

Bird: Chicken, Pullet, Ameraucana
Age: Hatched 4/19/22; almost 2 months old now
Bedding: Tractor Supply Flake Pine Shavings
Time of Incident: a little after 9pm on Thursday, 6/16/2022
Glove in question: Kirkland brand Nitrile Glove, size small (she ate a piece bigger than a dime, smaller than a nickel)
Behavior: Seemed quite pleased with herself right after, no visible choking/gagging/open mouth right after
I'm sure she was quite please with herself she won!

I think she should be able to pass that right on through with no issues. Wait until you see them play tug-o-war with a frog or mouse...yeah. 😝

rocky balboa win GIF by Rocky

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