Pullet attacked by a hawk, resulting wing injury....

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    Thank goodness she's still alive! I caught the raptor in the act before he had a chance to finish her off. Poor little thing's still in a state of shock, though, and is being kept in a warm box inside the house right now. I looked her over, and didn't find any serious injuries other than an open wound under her wing. Been attempting to stop the bleeding with cornstarch. She's dragging it, and doesn't appear to have much control over movement at this point. Is there anything I can do, other than spray the site with Vetericyn? Should I keep her indoors tonight, or in a cage inside the coop, with a heat lamp?
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    I'm sorry for your chicken injury. We lost two to hawks this year, they are relentless. I cant offer any help on the injury, too new and havent dealt with any that havent resulted in death from hawks. Good luck on her recovery.
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    While she is still in shock, keep her warm and in the house, about 75 degrees. When she is not bleeding, is drinking water and attempting to eat, then I would place her in a dog crate inside the coop where she can see her flock. Vetericyn is very good to help prevent infection, and you can also use plain Neosporin Ointment. Trim any feathers that get into the wound. Once her wound has healed, she can be placed back in the flock with caution. BluKote over the healed wound can help to disguise it from pecking. Here is a link that shows a figure 8 bandage that you can use to bandage the wing next to her body, but it is more important to care for the wound first:
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    Clip back feathers around the wound so that it stays clean, and you can see it more clearly. Flush it well to make sure any debris is removed, using sterile saline or vetericyn is good. You can put some plain neosporin on it. This will show you how to examine the wing for a fracture, and splint if necessary. It may just be very strained and sore, a figure 8 wrap can help support that also.
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    Your kind words are much appreciated in this time. :hugs And I can't express enough sorrow for the losses you've suffered. :( My deepest condolences. Hawks are truly the devil. Thank you, I will keep the thread updated. :)
    I will certainly monitor her closely for improvement or otherwise. It does seem the bleeding has ceased for now, and she's eating voraciously. Good sign, hopefully.

    Will certainly keep Neosporin handy. Blue-Kote, too, if needed. Thank you so much for the link! Seems as though a bandage may be needed if her wing is still droopy after the wound has begun healing.
    Looks like I'll be clipping some feathers, plus doing lots of cleaning! Thank you, as well, for yet another helpful link. Hopefully nothing's fractured, but we'll see.

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    I can't add any advice, but here for support! :hugs
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    Something else's rather concerning....whenever Mouse makes noise, or puts on any type of strain, it's accompanied by a noticeable gurgling/crackling. I also noticed the same when I applied light pressure on her body. A detail that strikes me is that when I first scooped up Mouse's prostrate little body after scaring off the hawk, her mouth was wide open. Damage to her esophagus, perhaps? Or a broken rib?

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    I appreciate it more than you know, Isabella! :hugs Thank you, thank you. :)

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    Update: I think I located the source of the gurgling sounds. Mouse has a gaping wound under her abdomen where the hawk apparently ripped away skin and revealed flesh. For now, it's leaking bodily fluids. Doused everything with Veterycin on the spot. Should the wound be bandaged up, or left open to heal? I understand we will need to trim the area.
    Attached picture doesn't even begin to show the extent of the damage.
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    Poor thing. :hugs
    Hopefully the hawk didn't puncture any organs.

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