Pullet behavior questions.

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    :oops: It's part of why I'm a hermit these days.
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    Lol, yeah, I NEVER liked social gatherings, especially if it was family. Whenever somebody's birthday came, (kid or adult) or holidays,(Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas) the family would ALWAYS get together. I couldn't stand my great-uncles- they always picked at me when I was little, my great-aunt always wanted to kiss me, and when my little cousins came along, it got noisier. Thankfully, the family has not gotten together like that in years, and that has been a major relief come holidays. I'm an adult, and have come to hate my own birthday because I like to left alone to do and eat what I want to celebrate by myself. But ohhhhhh, no....people want to drop in and bring me something, sometimes I'll get phone calls..... I'd rather be IGNORED on my birthday!! And I'll gripe about something else while I'm at it, my co-worker brings her little...year and half...or is he 2...year old boy with her to work. He screams, he cries, he runs up and down the hall, he comes in my office and takes my knick-knacks and holiday decorations, and yes, I close my door lot, but when I keep going in and out of my office a lot to get things, give things or discuss something, it bugs me to have to keep pushing and pulling my door to all the time(it's a heavy sliding door)
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