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    Jun 28, 2009
    My 27 Week old Wheaten Marans pullet has been pecked bloody twice in the past 3 days. She is the biggest girl of them all. The first day, I found her with a bloody comb, and I cleaned off all the blood, and put her back in the coop. Today I went down and found s patch on the back of her head had been pecked featherless. I again proceeded to clean off all the blood. The area is completely featherless, and there is one section that looks like it has a blister or something on it, not like regular skin. It has stopped bleeding, and she is back in the coop with the other girls. She is one of 4 girls, all the same age, and there are no roosters. I know who likely had pecked her, based on how she kept darting and ducking away from my Olive Egger. I have not seen anyone pecking her though. I ordered some Blu Kote from Amazon and it is coming soon. I just want to know how to stop the pecking and how to treat her wound? I don't have the Blu Kote yet, but just want to make sure of what it would do for her? And are her eggs safe to eat?

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    Blu Kote will not hurt her eggs. Have your hens been confined to the coop because of the weather? That may have initiated the problem - boredom. Keep a close eye on the situation. It sounds as if the aggression is escalating. If you have to temporarily separate, take out the aggressor and keep her away from the flock until the Marans is healed.
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    Before we got BlueKote we cleaned the area up then dabbed on blue food coloring to disguise the blood. It worked and they left it alone. Doesn't seem to interfer with antibiotics applied to injury either, seeing it is just edible dye.
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    Jun 28, 2009
    Thank you both. I went down to the coop today and she was the same as yesterday, picked at in the same spot. I am unable to seperate.... and I will be gone all day today and part of tomorrow, possibly all. I will just keep my fingers crossed. I'm putting in some things now so they don't get bored.
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    Jun 28, 2009
    So since I will be away, I threw some food and cracked corn on the ground in addition to a head of lettuce. I realized since my girls hated the saddles I bought, I put mine in the hen who is picking at her. She basically doesn't have time to peck, since the saddle basically messes up what she tries to do. She will keep trying to get it off but it's staying on. I just hope she doesn't tangle herself in it somehow or anything that could hurt her

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