pullet can't walk - need info please


10 Years
Mar 8, 2009
we had (husband just put her down)a buff pullet about 9 weeks old
she could not walk - would fall down - couldn't stand up
no other signs of illness
could this be Marek ???
If so she was in a brooder with 6 others getting ready to go outside with the rest of our flock
we cleaned out brooder
we also have another brooder in basement with some rock stars and leghorns
If it is Marek would they be infected
How should we proceed
these were all bought from Ideal Poultry
I don't know if the vac or not - some people say they can get it whether you vacc or not
All info appreciated !!!!!


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13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
There are several things that can cause that symptom - marek's, botulism, toxins, and even injuries. There is no way to know unless you get a necropsy done. I would just monitor the others closely. Make sure to keep fresh feed/water available and keep bedding materials dry and clean. Most toxins develop from water spills in the form of mold. Also, ensure they have enough room to get away from each other and away from the heat source. Overheating can cause brain damage. Just some things to consider. I'm sorry for your loss.

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