Pullet eggs? STILL?

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    Sep 18, 2016
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    Hi! My girls have all been laying for about 6 weeks or more? I have 6 golden commets, and they lay huge eggs, but i am worried my BCM eggs wont get any bigger. Theyre bantam sized, and havent seemed to grow. Do you guys think they will get bigger?[​IMG]
    Sorry. I just dropped my last BCM egg.. so i hope you can still tell the size.
    The brown is from my golden comet. And the olive. I have no clue who lays that. Blue shell on thr inside. And they were supposed to be all pure breed.
    Also, did i just drop a baby... huge blood streak and the shell looks gross inside. From the marans, I've had nlood in them before, but never this much, or the shell looking gross. What is going on? Im nit ablento sell these right?
    Thanks in advance everyone![​IMG]
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    Jul 2, 2016
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    Hens are variable, she just lays small eggs. My Little Hen is a Barred Rock, 2.5 years old, she still lays a grade small egg, very dark brown.

    Can't offer advice on the bloody eggs, I will have to leave that to others.
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  3. junebuggena

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    Some pullets just take long to get their eggs up to 'normal' size. Some hens lay smaller eggs than others.
    As for the blood in the egg. Just a blood spot. Not a developing embryo. A bit unsettling, but nothing wrong with it. Still perfectly edible.
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    It can take several months before pullet eggs get up to even 'Small' let alone 'Medium' or 'Large' size.
    I tracked egg weights for 9 months with my first 6 pullets a couple years ago.

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