Pullet falling to right side


5 Years
Apr 20, 2019
AR - OZARK Mountains
1) Silver Duck Wing Phoenix - hatched on 7/31/19
2) Falling to the right side
3) Noticed it 30 min ago
4) No
5) No
6) I saw nothing happen before the falling began.
7) Water, medicated chick starter and a few kernels of corn
8) Poop is soft but formed, brown with white blob
9) Water with electrolytes
10 ) I am not sure what else to give to her at the moment.
11) I separated her into a dog crate with a towel, water, food and chick grit (corn kernels eaten). I didn't get a video and she is just pacing and trying to get out of "jail".
12) Pine shavings is the bedding that was in her outdoor area.

At first, I thought she was trying to dust bathe in the shavings a side at a time. Not long after it became clear that she was having trouble staying upright even when not standing. After a bit, she got on a roost bar and fell to the right off of it. Her crop feels full and firm.

I will keep her isolated so I can get a good check on her crop to see if it empties overnight.

Can anyone advise what other steps I might be able to take?

I could swear I read of a similar situation not too long ago, but my search was futile.
This sounds neurological to me, possibly Marek’s. Can you post photos and/or a video?

I will see if I can get a video later today. She seems to be doing much better this morning. I'm wondering if her crop was too full and it was weighing her down.

This morning her crop was empty and she seemed back to normal. I will be keeping an eye on her the next few days.

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