Pullet had a prolapse that corrected itself within a few minutes...should I be worried.


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Mar 27, 2021
I have a pullet that started laying about 12 days ago. She has laid about 6 eggs, everyone of them in the nesting box...one every other day. Yesterday she was due to lay but...no egg. Today she laid this in the pole barn on the floor. It appears to be a double yoke with a skin on it....no shell. She is free range and has Purina Layer feed always available to her and I was told she would not need oyster shells in addition to the feed...that the feed has everything she needs.. After laying the yoke only she was prolapse and seemed to be pooping while prolapsed. By the time I gathered up supplies and ran back out to help her the prolapse had gone back in....everything looked normal. I know that I now need to offer oyster shells to help with calcium but should I be concerned about the temporary prolapse? Is that normal for a pullet to prolapse only for a few minutes and then return to normal?


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Yes, I had a couple of faverolles sisters who both had a mild prolapse while laying, but the prolapse when back in on it’s own. Straining, constipation, calcium deficiency, or egg binding can cause a prolapse. It sounds like you have a good plan to put out some crushed oyster shell. I would just keep an eye on the hen for a week or so to make sure she isn’t having a problem.


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Prolapses can resolve on their own and sometimes are a 'one time' thing. Other times they can be recurring. Keep an eye on her.

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