pullet having a "hard labor"?

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    Sep 3, 2013
    The girls are 21 weeks old and I got a surprise in their run the other day with 1 egg showing up. So yesterday I went and built them their nesting box - I put it off long enough. This morning I went to check on them after I put their food out (all 4 were waiting to be fed) went out awhile later and saw 1 was missing - I about paniced and noticed she was in the nesting box.

    She was making some strange noises to say the least and just having a blast in there it seemed making the nest all comfy. Then she really started to squak I thought that's it I have an egg - she got out of the nesting box still squaking up a storm and walking around. She went down into the run, still squaking and got herself a drink. The other girls then went up to see what the new addition was. I thought for sure they would have gotten in but nope, just her.

    She went back in and is all cozy again clucking away, not like the loud squaking. (My neighbor has no idea I have chickens - she was wondering what the noises were and actually said "do you hear the aliens making all that noise up in your tree") lol no hon, not aliens, just chickens with attitude.

    Anyway - is this normal for the first egg? the loud squaking, getting in and out of the nesting box? will they all make this noise when laying or is she just having a "HARD LABOR" lol
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    Oh no, most of them go on and on about laying their eggs. God forbid another chicken is in their box when they want it... If they can't crowd in they will protest very loudly.

    Sounds like normal chicken behaviour to me. They do a "bok bok bok BAGAWK" which is also noted as their egg song. They can roar when in the box if you come close. They will just make general loud clucking sounds when they are impatient.

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