Pullet hen with curled toes and splayed legs unable to walk....HELP!


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Hello there!

I am a farm girl, but we have never had chickens so I know very little about them. My sister works at a small vet and someone brought in a pullet hen that could not walk and has legs going every which way. They wanted to euthanize her but my sister brought her home to see if we could help her. She gets around by flapping her wings and it is not at all precise. She eats and has a good appetite. We bought the best chicken feed that was recommended to us. Her legs are going all different directions and he toes are curled on the right foot. I have been doing some reading and I hear about vitamin deficiencies causing this. I also hear you can splint the legs, but I see all of this done in younger chicks. I am worried she is too far gone. But I am under the impression this just recently happened with her because they just brought her to the vet and I feel like she would have starved if she had been this way her whole life. Please help me as I want to help her and avoid torturing her if this is her fate. I am willing to supplement vitamins and splint her legs if you think that will help. Thank you!
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I'll also note that we understand if she cannot be fully "fixed". If she can live a comfortable life, we'd like to give her the chance. If we can do anything to help her get on her feet, even if it's not perfect, we'd like to do so. Thanks!

I am just curious to see if you found out what to do and what has transpired with the little red pullet since you posted this. I have a FBCM pullet that is 6 weeks old that this has just started to happen to. I don't think her leg(s) is/are broken either and she was fine 2 days ago. I came back from out of town and she could not walk. I placed her in quarantine and lowered her food and water down to ground level and she is eating and drinking. Any input you have would be appreciated. Thanks!

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