" pullet is in distress , please help!!!"


9 Years
Mar 15, 2010
I have a tiny bantam pullet, she is probably 5 months old, but tiny, tiny. Today she is breathing very hard and fast and her whole body is pulsing up and down. She is also shaking her head some and acts like she is choking or something. She seems very thin and when I feel her bones, throat, body it makes cracking sounds. She can't seem to make normal chicken sounds but seems like she is choking or coughing. I can't find what is wrong. I am worried she will not make it.
Perhaps more information might help. When did she last eat or drink? You say she is very small; do the rest of the flock let her get to food and water? Is she drinking now? I don't know, I'm just thinking more information might help.
I give her water with a drop and she wheezes when I do. When I rub her body to check her out it makes a cracking sound. She just stands there wheezing and she shakes her head and makes a funny grasping sound. Her whole body pulses up and down as she breaths. She seems very weak and she is not laying yet, I do not think she is old enough to yet, her vent looks fine.
I'm not sure what to tell you. I hope someone else jumps on here with some ideas! The "crackling" sound almost sounds like she might be dehydrated. When did she last eat or drink on her own?

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