Pullet just died in my lap; help determining what caused it please

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    She had been lethargic for days so I knew she was not feeling well. When a cockerel jumped her and she just laid on her side after I scared him off her I knew she was in trouble. She had a very high heart rate and high, labored breathing rate. She kept her eyes closed and after a few gasps for air she gave up and died. I wonder if anyone has any ideas what could have caused her death. She was never old enough to lay any eggs, maybe about five or six months old. Upon dying she pooped bright yellow liquid poop but I had not noticed anything odd about her poop up until her death.
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    She possibly could have been egg bound, but the bright yellow droppings are not normal. Coccidiosis can cause yellowish brown dropping, but E.coli and blackhead can cause bright mustard yellow stools. Blackhead or histomoniasis, which is rare in chickens and more common in turkeys can be suspected if cecal worms are present in the stool (if a vet does a fecal float.) E.coli is present in all animals, but an overgrowth in the body during a widespread infection such as in the air sacs or abdominal cavity, can be fatal. If you could preserve her body by refrigerating it, and send it to U.C. Davis for a necropsy Monday mornig, you may find an answer. Necropsies are free in California. I would also recommend getting a fecal sample checked by your vet. Here is a link about blackhead and necropsy in CA:

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