Pullet laid for a couple of weeks, then laid a crushed egg and stopped


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It was very strange. my new EE pullet was the first of her group to start laying when she was still in quarantine, then continued for a few days after her and her three buddies came out of Q and went into a new coop with four others. Her eggs shells seemed of normal thickness.Then one day she laid a crushed egg. It didn't look pecked at all, it was kinda in an egg shape but the shell was absolutely crushed to tiny bits, yet all still holding together, and covered in egg white.
And she has not laid since! What happened? And now what is going on?
Could just be change stress.
How old is she? Could be change stress coupled with new layer syndrome, it can take up to a month or so for them to get it all in the groove and start laying regularly.
What exactly are you feeding?
I think she is around 23 - 25 weeks. Feeding 18% grower plus a free choice bowl of oyster shell since half not laying yet and. Half laying in that coop. Also a little hen scratch and boss twice a day. A half a cup each time sprinkled around for the group of eight birds to scratch at. Plus greens and branches from the yard. I got her and three buddies eight weeks ago. Quarantined for four weeks then put in with four Marans I raised from day old to create a new flock. All eight of them early April hatch I think. Tried free ranging them a week ago and at dusk they ended up all over the place not knowing where to roost lol. So no free ranging for a little while more.
It seems she laid the egg pulverized. Does this sometimes happen?
They can lay a thin shelled egg that gets trampled or breaks on contact with a harder surface....and a broken egg is fair game for them to eat, leaving a mangled mess. Always good to take a pic of strange eggs when you find them.

Probably going to take some time for everyone to get settled in their new home and flock....as long as she doesn't apear to be ill in anyway, is active, eating, drinking, and pooping OK, just be patient.

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