Pullet or Cockerel?


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Apr 30, 2014
Wichita, Kansas
I have 4 Brahma chicks. 2 dark and 2 light. I'm thinking 2 are pullets and 2 are roos. They are all between 10 and 11weeks old. What do you guys think? I numbered them in the pics.

I'm thinking
#1: pullet
#2: cockerel
#3: cockerel


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I agree with you! They are quite young still and Brahmas are slow to mature
This is our first time with this breed. Normally by now we have known in the past. The biggest thing Im noticing is that the 2 I think are cockerels are starting to grow a slightly larger comb that is turning bright red, the other 2 are not. One is more bold. I did not know they were a slow maturing breed!
Very slow to mature! I had a Gold Laced one in the past that didn't get to full weight for a year or so. I'm raising another 11 baby Black, Buff Laced, Buff, and Partridge and some still barely are getting their wing feathers and they're two weeks old! I keep getting eager to guess and try and figure it out, but they do teach patience! 😀

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