Pullet or roo?


6 Years
May 21, 2013

We just traded in our silver laced brahma roo for what we hope is a girl. Colorations are much more white across most if her body (with exception of tail and head). Her colors are so different than our roo's were in fact that I am guessing she is a pullet. The breeder had put her in with her others to be kept, and couldn't remember what she was. Dark, light or silver laced. Thoughts? I'm going with silver laced as she looks nothing like our light brahma. She is about 12-14 weeks old.
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If the age is correct, then you would have a pullet, but it doesn't look like a pure brahma. ( or a poor quality one).

Can you get a picture of the bird standing, keeping the side view?
I will try tomorrow. Our dark brahma looked crazy until the older bird feathers came in. Her feathers, in that respect, remind me of his. But only a totally different color. Thank you for your feedback she is very sweet.
Color wise maybe it is a mix between dark & laced? There is not much comb or wattle development, but not much in the way of tail feathers, and maybe it is the angle of the camera, but boy the size of those feet, color is mixed up enough can't really see what is coming in on the back, so, can't really decide which way to vote on boy or girl with that one.
The breeder bred a silver laced with her dark brahma hen. :). We had a roo come from her, his colorations were so dark, everywhere, even on the breast. This little one's disposition is much friendlier than my roo, and she is mostly white. Her tail feathers are sparse, but remind me a lot of my little girl light brahma's tail feathers at about this age. I guess I will just have to wait and see. Afraid to get attached and have her be a he...
She is definitely all brahma, but yes, brahmas are big girls! 8-10lbs, though slow to mature so they look a little funny between baby and laying! Her stature and demeanor are like our other girl's. they are also known as dual purpose birds, but we don't intend to eat her.
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