pullet or roo?

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    Jun 17, 2014
    About 2 weeks old, silver laced wyandotte. Fingers crossed for a roo! I somehow got all girls out of my first 10.
  2. Its not 100%, nor is it written in stone, but most female Wyandotte's feather out first, their entire bodies except the head by 6 weeks old. The males keep their fuzzy coats longer, looking like patchy combo of feathers and fuzz by 5 weeks. By 3 weeks their combs should start separating the male and females, the males are wider and thicker, the females show no change in the combs at all for a long time, By 6 weeks the males are clearly defined by their combs and they are a little pushy with other chicks mine are the first to the feeders, first to the fence, first t0 the waterier. I assume to define their place in the pecking order. The pullets are more layed back and more relaxed, ignoring everything around them, however they do bow down to the males even as chicks. There is a definite difference in male and female behavior with my Wyandotte's from day one, the males are pushy and arrogant to me. But they wont back down to other breeds of chicks of the same age, they stand their ground till its over.

    Theses are just my observations with my chicks and chickens ,blood lines, nutrition, food, environment may differ from person to person, others could experience something entirely different,

    Photo 1 - Pullett 26 Days Old Photo 2 - Cockerel 26 Days Old
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    Great photo of the pair, this will help peeps who are wondering about their Wyandotte's!

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