pullet puberty

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    Jan 22, 2011
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    I'm a newbie to raising chickens. I got 8 pullets back in January and although I was out there with them quite frequently they would jump away when I reached out to pet or touch them. About mid May one of them started getting closer day by day. The next thing I know I am petting her, rubbing her waddle thing and suddenly she wouldn't leave me alone when I went out there. Within a couple of days there was another one hanging out and wanting to be petted and 2 weeks I was trying to split my time between all of them.

    When this started I noticed an odd behavior, when I would reach out to pet them for the first time of the day, they would hunch down and squat, almost as if I was going to hit them...a very submissive position. One day I was scratching one of their backs, as I scratched back toward her tail, it popped straight up in the air. I scratched her back hind end, no, not from behind but on her back and when I pulled my hand away she stood up, shook like she was shaking off water and fluffed all of her feathers up. I decided to try this on another one and same thing. Now I go out there and they are all hunching over and fluffing and shaking after I pet them.

    Am I their rooster? I have not been around a rooster and hen to see their behavior but it's almost as if this is some kind of submissive mating position and they are getting off to the petting.

    One more observation. I have one pullet not laying eggs. Maybe she's just not old enough yet but she also will not allow me to pet her and is the only one that does not get near me...unless I have watermelon in my hand.

    this is not so much of a question as it is an observation. Perhaps you guys have noticed the same behavior??
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    Yes, your hens are being submissive and you, by rubbing their backs, are imitating rooster mating. So they think they have been mated! ! Not a bad thing or anything. Some of mine do it, others dont, but mine have real roos, so Im not such a big deal! [​IMG]

    Your hen that isnt laying, may be getting ready to lay and just being hormonal by ignoring you. She may just not be a friendly girl, some hens are, some arent. They all really do have their own personalities, likes and dislikes. Do keep and eye on her if you are worried she may be sick or being picked on though. Most likely she is like any teenage girl about to start her 'cycle', she's hormonal and moody and it may take awhile for her to get over it, but keep up the treats and I bet she changes her mind!

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