Pullet sitting in nest box no egg but singing egg song


May 22, 2019
Hello everyone. This is my first time having chickens and I love them and find them fascinating. All my chickens are pullets 21–23 weeks old. I have a 23 week old Light Leghorn who started laying on 7/31 and has been a laying machine Cockerelsince then. Yesterday and today she sat in the nest and laid no egg, sang the egg song and came out like a happy camper but no eggs. Her behavior is normal except for this.
1. We live in S. Florida and it’s hot but not as hot as previous month.
2. She is my Silkie Cockerel‘s favorite
3. Doesn’t let me catch her or hold her so I cannot check on her unless she’s roosting for the night.
4. All her eggs have been perfect as far as the shell is concerned with size variation at times.
5. Last two days I found 2 rubber eggs one in the yard and one this morning in the coop before I let them out and I think it’s one of RIR who is just starting to lay. I think it’s her only because she’s been checking the nesting boxes and she felt ready when I checked her pelvic bones...
6. My EE laid a - beautiful green egg last Friday and nothing since then.
7. They’re all on Flock Raiser with oyster shells available all the time.
8. They get treats of various vegetables 1 or 2 times a day.
9. My other RIR Ruby has been laying since 8/10. No problems with her.

Sorry for the long post I just wanted to give you all the details for better answers/resolutions.

A. What’s going on with Buffy my Leghorn?
B. Should I be concerned about Ruby the RIR or LuLu my EE?
C. Is Napoleon my Cockerel stressing them?
TIA for all your help
Buffy is a beginner, so she will likely be inconsistent in laying, and that goes for egg quality, too, from the others.

Watch the pullets around Napoleon, and it will tell you if they feel stressed by him if they are always running away from him. If that's the case, I would separate him out of the mix for now. Cockerels can be over zealous, and penning them separately so they still can girl-watch but not bother the girls is a reasonable practice.
Some run from him but not always. Being a silkie he’s much smaller than most of them and it’s quite humorous to watch him think he’s so tough and taking his job so seriously. Buffy is his favorite they’re always together. Thank you for your advise.

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