Pullet standing with tail downwards


Nov 3, 2019
Hey all!! One of my five month old silkie bantams is acting very strange. She has always been the quieter one of the group in her flock and never really was energetic like some of the others. So today I go back there to check on em after school and she is standing very awkwardly. Her bum/tail looks like it is heavy!! That’s how she is standing. It was a cool rainy day so they are all acting off but i don’t know this doesn’t seem normal. We are also getting some cold weather in ontario recently and I hope she hasn’t caught a cold. we experienced a heavy loss this year and my heart can’t take anymore.
does the pic look normal? i feel like she is hunched over.
she lives with three others of the same age and that’s it. has anyone had this happen to them?! help me out pleaseee



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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
What was the reason for the other losses this year? Do you have any electrolytes or Poultry NutriDrench that you can give her? A lowered tail can be a sign of illness, possibly a reproductive infection or egg laying problem. How old is she? Has she been actively laying eggs? Can you try to get her eating some fresh watery chicken feed with a little scrambled egg? It would be good to check for a stuck egg, which you canndo by inserting a clean finger just inside her vent nor more than 2 inches. Also feel of her crop in her upper right chest, to see if it is empty and flat, or full, hard, dough like or puffy. Does she have any bad odor to her beak when you press on her crop? Can you tell us what her droppings look like, and pictures are welcome.

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