Pullet stopped laying, why?


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Sep 14, 2009
I have five girls, all different breeds, about 7 months old. They've been laying for a couple of months now, my EE was first. We lost our silkie to a hawk and now it seems that my EE is bottom of the pecking order. She gets chased from the feeder (I offer her food in the coop where she hides sometimes), she won't take treats unless I separate her and offer her some privately. She's a little smaller than the rest now but doesn't seem underweight. She went broody about 4 weeks ago and after almost a week, I broke her of it. She hasn't layed since she was broody. I can't figure out if the stress is causing her to stop or if she's still recovering from broody.
Also, she was pecked a bit by the other girls but her feathers are almost all back in and the pecking has stopped.
Both are common reasons for them to stop laying. I'd set up a second food station so the bullies can't keep her away so easily and maybe hang a cabbage a foot or so off the floor of the coop or run so they have something besides her to peck at. If you only have one or two main bullies it will sometimes help to remove them to chicken jail for a week or so, when they come back they should be lower in the pecking order and not as inclined to cause problems.
Thanks for the input. I do occasionally hang a cabbage, it's always good fun. I usually hang it when it's raining as they're locked in their small roofed run then. Otherwise, they get the run of an acre of fenced yard, lots and lots of underbrush to hide from hawks. The wide open spaces usually keep them from picking. I set up chicken jail for the two main bullies and as soon as I had it finished, I didn't see them picking at her anymore, of course. It's ready though.
I really hope she starts laying again, I miss those pretty eggs, everyone else is laying a shade of brown.

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