Pullet trying to mate with a human?


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Dec 4, 2014
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I have a pullet hen that is acting strange around my husband.
Her sire was a Blue Ameraucana and her dam was a half Ameraucana and half Marans. The dam was an excellent layer, almost daily, of large olive green eggs. She was just beautiful, solid black with green iridescence and a big full muff. So I bred her to my Ameraucana Roo to produce some hens that would lay green to blue eggs. I hatched and raised the chicks myself inside of my home.
Unfortunately a wolf pack ended up carrying off all my layers in one night so I am just getting eggs again.
I am sharing her history just in case it is why she is acting strange as she was incubated and raised indoors.
Two of her sisters from the same clutch just started laying beautiful turquoise eggs a few days ago. So now whenever my husband goes outside to collect eggs or to feed them, she drops down in front of him and spreads her wings. He thought she was dying the first time until he pushed her with his boot and she jumped up. I witnessed what she was doing and told him she is acting like she wants to breed with him. She doesn't do it with me, the cheeky little thing.
Today while she was doing it, my husband bent over and scratched her back for a few seconds. She arched her tail up and got all excited. Then she stood up, ruffled her feathers and trotted off to eat with the other girls.
I do have a gorgeous Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Roo and a young Lavender Ameraucana Roo in with her but she is much more interested in my husband unlike my other pullets and hens who all seem to follow their favorite Roo around.
I have only been raising chickens for a bit over a year. Is this something that is seen commonly? Will it impede her from mating with my Roos?

Thank you for any help!


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Jul 28, 2008
Perfectly normal behavior from a pullet nearing laying age. We have a few that squat for people as well. It won't keep her from breeding with your males.


Sep 12, 2015
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Well, that story gave me a good giggle. She's acting completely normal and her eggs should be coming any day! She is doing something called squatting. The fact that she is doing it for your husband and not you is sort of a pecking order thing. She views him as dominant. I expect if you bent down to touch her she would squat for you too.

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Aug 29, 2014
Totally normal and very cute behavior. It also makes them easier to pick up and hug if you are so inclined.
I bet that @Bridebeliever is right that she will do it for you as well if you hover your hand over her back.
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