Pullet with foot problem.


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I have 18 pullets and one of them has a foot problem. She is about a 14 week old, BR. I noticed this morning that she was not walking right. I finally was able to pick her up and check out her legs and feet. One is significantly swollen and has many scales that are leaking a clear sticky pus. They are all cooped at night with roost and dirt floor. They free range during the day.




One can see that the shanks are significantly different in color as well. I think she might have Bumblefoot. I checked the links provided on the stickeys but am still unsure how to proceed. I am not wanting to spend a fortune on a vet on her as she is a layer and not so much a pet. If she can't be rehabed, I can cull her for the pot.

TIA Brian
Not sure if you can see it very well in the pics, but one foot is a nice healthy yellow color and the other is a dull grayish color. Also, the scales are rather loose on her shanks, as if the tissue below is not healthy.
Thank you for the links. The problem with it being mites is that it has ONLY affected ONE leg on the bird. I would think that if it were mites, they would at least find dinner on BOTH legs, unless they are only Left Leg Mites that have attacked my bird (I guess the Right Leg Mites stayed home this week
). Other problem is that she is the ONLY one with a problem out of 18 that are housed together.

I can try and get better pictures if someone needs them.

Thanks again for any help.
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