pullet with sliced beak

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    Oct 14, 2008
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    While in the pen today, I notice a pullet with a slice from the corner of her mouth, to about half way down her the top half of her beak. She was perky, eating and drinking well, but the slice had bled and scabbed (probably a couple hours old).

    After examination, I made the decision to clip the section which I felt was most likely to catch on something. It began bleeding again, and I swabbed the area with a weak betadine solution, dried it, and put neosporin ointment on it. When I put her down, she resumed her eating and drinking (and some preening), seemingly without pause.

    This seemed like a really weird injury, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had something like this happen. Is there anything else I should do for her? My plan is to watch her, and am ready to bring her inside if necessary to recoup in a warmer, less populated setting.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions!


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