Pullets eating layer feed....


9 Years
Jul 14, 2010
New Boston, NH
Question.. my 12 week old chicks/pullets have gotten into the big girls coop and have been eating the layer feed the last few days.. should I be concerned and make sure they do not consume this layer feed any further? Do you have advice for feeds? My feed store has changed brands so the grower after starter feed is pellets and they are not fond of pellets yet... Thank you!
NewBostonChick i wouldnt worry about your new chicks. The laying pellets will defenitly not hurt them. The only thing is that the pellets are full of nutrients and other items to keep the chickens as healthy as possible so that they will lay eggs. Your chicks will be fine. Do you have any more questions?
Thank you Weston... every 2-3 years I get new chicks and seems to forget stuff.. ha.. I started them out on medicated starter feed.. I used to go to a grower feed before layer feed.. The lady at the store suggest keeping them on the med starter feed until layer feed at 18 weeks.. I am thinking I used to buy a different middle feed but not sure what it was called? She also suggested a game bird feed.. What do you feed your 12 week olds? TY!
A game bird feed will likely be higher in protein than growers feed and will promote growth and be fine for your 12 week olds. Many members feed their flock growers / general flock feed and offer optional oyster shell. Those flock members that are laying will eat oyster shell, as they need the additional calcium, whereas those not yet laying will ignore it, and only eat the general flock / growers food. Its a great way to manage a flock with less of the headache.

I've fed my sex-links start & grow medicated for 16 weeks. Then I mixed layers pellets 50/50 with the start & grow for 2 weeks. Now just the layers pellets in the feeder. I had about 10# of starter left and mixed it 50/50 with scratch grains to use it up. I introduced pellets to my chickens by tossing on the ground instead of scratch grains for a couple of days before mixing with the starter. My girls gobbled it down. GC

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