Pullets fighting over nest boxes

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    So far, I have 5 laying...there are 6 nest boxes but they fight over one of the end boxes...only one of the end boxes, to the point of me having to stand guard while one of them lays...I know I should let them work it out for themselves, and usually do, as from time to time, I will find an egg in one of the middle boxes, but if I am there, and one of them really has to lay bad, I help her out, as I feel bad for her and sometimes, the one fighting over the box, doesn't even have to lay...just must be higher on the pecking order....

    Funny how chickens seem to have that ONE nest that is the favorite LOL

    Has anyone ever found a way to stop the bickering over that "special" nest box?
  2. I have that too. I just let it be. If a hen gets desperate enough she'll just go to a different box. \
    Good Luck!
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    Aug 6, 2012
    Had the same problem and solved it by going to a communal nest box. Took out dividers, added two entries, one one either side. It comfortably holds 6 hens. Works for us.
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    Thanks for the ideas! My nest boxes are on the outside and built individually unfortunately...will try to stop interfering [​IMG] and let them work it out...it's just hard when I am there, working in the coop, and can see one frantically trying to get in the nest...gotta lay an egg kinda thing...running back and forth frantically...poor girl!!!

    I have found the occasional egg in the other boxes, so I know they will use them if they have to...the poor thing this morning was practically begging me to help her...it's a heart thing with me.

    Thanks again...maybe this summer, I can see if there is a way to take the boxes apart...too cold to do major coop renovations now.

    Hope everyone is warm and safe!

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