Pullet's first egg is really large. Should I be concerned?


Apr 14, 2020
WOW! That's an even bigger egg! The chicken in the background of your picture has a total "Nope" look!
Haha, those were her eggs. I think she was mad I took them. Lol
I think it’s cool you could see that it was two eggs kinda merged together. Definitely shocking to find.


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Mar 9, 2014
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Can you recommend some good sources where I can find that information? I have read up on some of the things, like prolapse, but I am a complete novice as far as most chicken related issues go. I am just thrilled that we raised all 18 from little baby chicks and none died! I would hate to lose one due to an issue with laying eggs :(
It is pretty basic to treat. The trick is catching it in time.

First you need to verify an egg is stuck....yes that means a clean hand with vasaline on the index finger and gentle insertion up to between the knuckle by the nail and the next knuckle. You would feel the egg.

Next is a nice long soak in Epsom salt warm water. (WARM not HOT)
That will help her relax.
Mine managed to expel the stuck egg on her own 3 times with just that treatment.

As for a SUPER stuck egg.....I would have been on here making a thread in the emergency section.

There are a lot of great folks that are very knowledgeable and try to help right away.

Other than that I would be searching the BYC articles.

A super quick search netted several good articles.

https://www.backyardchickens.com/threadloom/search?query=Treating an egg bound hen&tab=620

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