Pullets inseparable?


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Mar 25, 2012
I have an EE pullet and a D'Uccle pullet who are inseparable to the point that they both panic if the other is more than a foot away. My other chicks have buddies they prefer to roost by, but they do not stay so close to each other. I was going to rehome the EE to make too for a Marans, but I am feeling like that would be cruel at this point. Have you seen other pullets this attached to each other?


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Animals of all breeds frequently develop a special 'friend'. I once had a pair of littermate beagles who were inseperable. When I had to separate them (male and female), they would just sit in their pens and stare at one another. He slipped a disc in his back, survived surgery but was never able to walk again. As his health deteriorated it became necessary to euthanise him - she went off feed for a significant period of time. Sounds as if this pair of birds would be lost without one another.


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My Coop
I have 2 Australorp hens that are hopelessly attached to each other. Molly and Tillie. If these two don't sleep next to each other, Molly will peck everybody's eyes out! They are NEVER too far from each other as they go about their day. Not too long ago I had to take Tillie into the vet for some bumblefoot surgery that had gotten completely out of control. Anyway, Molly watched me carry Tillie off down the path, and Molly was very distressed. Molly screamed and called for Tillie all day! She wouldn't even eat treats she was so stressed. She called and called, running around to every corner, every spot in the garden, just full of anxiety that her best pal Tillie was gone.

Well later that day when I finally brought Tillie home, there was Molly waiting at the gate. Pacing back and forth and could hardly wait for me to put Tillie down. Well, Tillie took one look at Molly and after a beak to beak thing, Tillie high tails it as fast as she can to the coop. She had been pinching off an egg ALL DAY! LOL

Molly immediately relaxed and began eating. Tillie eventually joined her after she laid that egg.

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