Pullets not laying


6 Years
May 8, 2013
I have six BOs, five BAs, four RSLs, and three EEs that were all hatched mid-late March. Only one RSL is laying. All four RSLs started laying in July, and then in early August, they suddenly stopped. I think BO was laying too. There isn't much comb yet on the BAs and some of the BOs, so I am thinking that maybe they aren't ready yet. But we are coming up on six months old, and I am only getting one egg a day. In early August, we did lose a couple chickens (one to freezer camp and one for unknown reasons). Other than that, they free range (aside from one three day stint in the chicken coop and one four day stint due to a hawk hanging out around here).

Th only one in eggs right now was gimpy for a while thanks to my dairy goat stepping on her foot.

Aside from a few missing feathers right up by the combs on the RSLs (mites maybe?), they do not appear to be moulting.
And my six month old EE Roo is not crowing or mounting either. He was sold as a pullet, but developed a thicker comb and red wing feathers at around 8-10 weeks. Now he has hackles and saddle feathers, and totally looks the Roo part, but isn't that rooish in behavior. The freezer camp chicken was a RSL male that developed bumblefoot, and he was crowing at 13-14 weeks old.

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