Pullets or not? 7 weeks plus 5 days

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    I'm very new to BYC but loving every minute. I've never had chickens before, but these four have stolen my heart. I bought them at a hardware store when they were 3 days old (the day before Thanksgiiving) I was told that they were all pullets. 1 - Barred Rock, 1 - Leghorn, 1- Rhode Island Red, and 1 - Araucana (I'm guessing EE). I am posting pictures below. I would love it if some of you would help me ID what they really are and if possible the sex. Also, any tips on how to get them to stand still for photos would be helpful. [​IMG]

    And their 3 day old picture

    Amy is the BR, Annie is the RIR, Ari is the EE and Shirley is the Leghorn

    Thanks for all of your help!
  2. Beccas_ladies

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    Jan 10, 2010
    From what I can see they all look like pullets. I have 2 chicks about the same age. I had 5 but 2 were roosters and they are not allowed in my area. I also have a rhode island red named pumpkin about 8 weeks old. We found a home for the roosters but yours look pullets and the right breeds too. The way I got my chicks to pose was to put them on a chair or something it worked for me.
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    Yes, they're all pullets and what a nice selection. You'll have a pretty little flock with a nicely colored egg basket.
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    Aug 8, 2008
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    they look like gangly teenage pullets to me....
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    Cuuuuute little girls! [​IMG]

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    They look like all girls to me:D
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    Look like pullets to me. I am wondering it the RIR is really a RIR. There is a lot of white on the head. I only have one RIR (will be getting more this year). The coloring of the feathers on mine in more consistent and darker. I am wondering it is might be a red sex link. I am not an expert. Maybe someone with more experience with RIR will step up and say it is a RIR.

    You have a nice colorful flock. I like a mixed breed flock.
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    I've been wondering about Annie the RIR too. From all the pictures I've seen it does look like a lot of white on her head. I'm also wondering about the chick they said was an Aracauna, I'm guessing she is really an EE.
  9. PunkinPeep

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    When they were little like that, i could sometimes get them to stand still for a good picture by holding one hand on their feet and taking a picture with the other hand. Sometimes, they just throw a fit, and sometimes, they stand still and take a great picture. But it's worth a shot.
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    Quote:Looks like a hatchery quality RIR to me. They have a lot of white as chicks, but they lose it all as they feather in. The heads are just last to feather, that's all. A sex-link generally has some white in the big wing feathers, not just in the fuzz.

    Here's a pic of my RIR cockerels showing their white heads:

    But he turned out to look like a hatchery RIR, no white on him:

    This is my red sexlink as a baby, lots of white on her real feathers:
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