Pullets or Roos? Need help :)


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Sep 28, 2014
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My EE/ americaunas (blue egg layers) hatched on April 29 of this year, which makes them 5 months. I'm wondering if anyone can give me some help in if I have any Roos or pullets? My Oliver eggers I hatched a month later are already crowing, haven't noticed any of these guys starting?
Only wondering bc we have a very sweet white leg horn rooster and only want to keep him, we had a cock fight once and not going through that again.

Thanks for any advice!!!

Well at this age the hens have large combs too, but usually roosters will develop their combs first.

The first 3 chickens (roosters) all have silkie feathers that are pointed at the end. If you look at your birds saddle & hackle feathers you'll find the roosters have silkie / shiny feathers that are pointed at the end whereas the hen has very round feathers that aren't so silkie.

Color also plays a role. The 2nd & 3rd roosters have rooster coloring - hens don't color like that.

Also the sickle feathers, aka the tail feathers. In most chicken breeds hens don't get feathers like that, but in Easter eggers I've found hens will commonly get rooster tail feathers, so going off just that is unreliable. Including the saddle & hackle feathers is more reliable.
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Awesome! Thanks for that information, very helpful and knowledgable!! This is our 2nd bunch of chicks so still learning :)

Thanks again for your help!!!!

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