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So...I have been checking on my 4 month old pullets every night now for the past few days, and I catch the same two Golden Comets sleeping in the nesting boxes. I have 6 chickens total, and plenty of roosting space. The roosts are up much higher than the nest boxes, yet the pullets sleep there anyway. Last night I blocked off the nest boxes so they'd have to sleep on the roosts (they've already begun laying, so I have to make sure the nest boxes are unblocked in the morning)...I went out to check on them, and while four of my girls were sleeping on the roost, one pullet Shelly was wide awake wandering around, which was unusual, and my other pullet Priscilla was sleeping outside, even though it was starting to get chilly out. I don't want them sleeping outside but it gets too hot to lock them in. How do I teach them to lay in the nest box but sleep on the roost? Should I worry if they sleep outside, even though they never have before? I'm very confused!
im a inexperanced chickener but I thought I toss in my two cents. We have two young chicks with 6 older girls. The two little ones still sleep in the nesting box on the far left (we have 4 but the girls only use the far right one and the middle box) even though we have tried a million tthings to get them to perch. I dont worry about it anymore, I figure if there happy and dont fly out when I open the egg door all is good.
Thank you very much! I wasn't sure if I should be concerned about it, I collect all the eggs before they go in for the night so I don't have to worry about them squishing any.
Three out of six of my littlest girls do the same thing! I tried to get them to perch but then gave up because they seem quite happy. It does mean I need to clean out the nest box often. I am hoping they outgrow it. They are 5 months old now.
the youngin's just take a while to figure out perching
they'll do it when they want to, and not a minute sooner hah.

ETA: also, yeah, i would not let them sleep outside. that's like setting a place at the table for any raccoons, opossums, dogs, etc. that might wander nearby. chickens get pretty docile at night though, you should be able to just catch her and put her in the coop. turn out the lights and she won't move.
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Thank you everyone!! I won't worry about it anymore. And I'll make sure they sleep in at night!
Just an added note I have my pullets do the same, off and on, I have found where they pooped in them too, so I have been lining the nests with newspaper and then remove it in AM. So far nests are clean I change their bedding once a week more if dirty. I just have to be out early or boy do I get chewed out, sometimes I do find an occasional egg on the newspaper.
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