Pullets teaming up and pecking at one other... :(

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    Apr 17, 2011
    First time chicken owner. Yesterday I purchased 6 whtie leghorn pullets from a feed store. They all seem to be pecking at one, shes not bleeding but shes bare and her skin is all red. They've had plenty of food and water I have them in a large rubber maid tub with no lid, they're in my bathroom. I have them under a red heat lamp, and the temp in there is about 92. Now I've put her in the box from the feed store just until i figure out what i can do for her. Any suggestions? Or should i just keep her seperate until she heals? Also I have 5 more brown leghorns coming on tuesday. Should i keep them in a seperate brooder. HELP.....
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    Yes! separate that one pecked- on pullet. Apply some triple-antibiotic ointment(neosporin) to help the reddened area heal quickly.

    [​IMG] I now have a Plymoth White Rock pullet - a rescue from a friend's 50-gallon tote. She's healed amazingly in the 2 weeks we've had her.

    [​IMG] BEST OF Cluck to you!

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