pullets to be given away


9 Years
Mar 21, 2010
Cecilia KY
I started a new part time job that has bloomed into 4 days a week 9-10 hours a day. Something in my life has got to give. I have 3 EE's , 2 comets 1BCM all hens all 14 weeks old I would love to find good homes for. Also have 1 10 month old black cochin hen I would like to rehome. They are all healthy and friendly.

This spring I just bought too many birds and do not have the time to take them to sell them, so I would rather give them a great home. We had actually planned on selling at the farmers market, but then I got a job.

I live in Hardin Co. KY and will not ship so this is a pick up only.
I am very interested in your chickens. Do you still have them? I live in Tennessee, but I will be at a wedding near Lexington next weekend - and can get them on Sunday afternoon (June 12th). Would that work?

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