Pullets with bumpy, slightly shiny legs?

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    Jun 15, 2009
    When we picked up our two pullets from being babysitted during our two-week vacation (because of special circumstances we couldn't put them into the coop before we left), I noticed that it looked like the scales on their legs (particularly one pullet) looked bumpy and raised compared to when we left. They also look a bit shinier in some of the curving areas of the scales. I panicked and for two weeks I've been treating their legs, and for some of it their roost, with vaseline in case it was leg mites. At first just once a week, then every other day. But now I've stopped due to doubt: these pullets' legs look nothing like the pictures of leg mite cases I've seen at all! Also, the legs still feel pretty smooth, just bumpy. Do you guys think this is leg mites? I sure hope not, as the treatments sound really difficult considering I have no access to DE or any poultry-safe insecticide, or ivermectin.

    Pullet #1 (her in particular)



    Pullet #2



    Sorry about the dirt stuck to their legs- I think it's from the vaseline!

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    I don't see any evidence of leg mites, but moisturing their legs doesn't hurt a thing!

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