pullets wont turn to hens

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    Apr 22, 2011
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    So a ways back my mini flock got ruined by a opossum. Nightly it would kill one of my hens. Till all but one lone Australorp remained. We built the flock back up out of local chick deals on CL.
    Ok, so Rowdy the Australorp is pretty **** good layer. She hardly misses a day. And I knew we'd have to wait on these youngsters to start earning their keep.
    Well, I found a blue egg under my shed about 3 weeks ago that I attribute to this americauna hen. But that's the only one I have found. So, is she not laying others? Am I not finding them?
    So there are a total of 8 birds, the 2 mentioned, 2 banty roos, 2 unknown cochins, an unknown copper maran and a pullet banty.
    These birds are a lot of different ages but it seems like they should well be laying by now.

    I wonder is rowdy keeping them out of the coop? She may be top of the flock even above that bossy little roo. She still remembers the days when there was a big barred cock around.

    Is there any tricks to induce laying? Or will these chickens just be horrible layers?
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    Could be any of that! I would put them up for a while and see if they lay where you can find the eggs. If they free range, the eggs could be piling up in a nice hiding place. It could be that they are too young, or their diet, or the time of year (not enough hours of light), or stress. Give it some time and keep an eye out for a hidden nest.
  3. larsalan

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    Apr 22, 2011
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    well they free range everyday. They would have a fit if they had to stay in that coop all day. I guess maybe one day I'll start to get some more eggies.
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    Sep 19, 2011
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    A pullet will become a hen when she reaches 1 year of age.
    I have an EE that is 33 weeks 2 days and she has still not laid her first egg but the 2 Wellies I got with her started laying back in Oct. They all hatched out April 25th. Sounds like you get to play the waiting game like a lot of us are playing.
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    'Tis not the season for great egg laying. My established layers have trickled to almost nothing and my up and coming layers are sloooooow. I'd be willing to bet your young ones have a case of the winters.

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