Free Ranging
Apr 5, 2020
OrpHington Land
Going to have to re-home.

I do not believe 10 hens per cock. It completely depends on your situation and we cannot stick a definite number on that.
3:1 has been a fine ratio for me for some years. Noting these are mature roosters, not bouncy cockerels, like yours.

3:2 however will not do.
You may be able to find a home for one or preferably both if you look around.


Aug 5, 2018
Wow, this is crazy. Thank you for all the wonderful advice and opinions. You are all the best! So when do Roosters start getting the breeding bug?
I am not sure what to do. Of course when I bought these chicks I had plans of 5 pullets and a future of farm fresh eggs. Now I have 2 future Roos and only 3 hens. Lol
What should you do? Surrender to the chicken math and get more hens! I have found it’s basically futile to try fighting it. If you live in a location that limits your bird numbers, start home searching immediately...well after looking up the different breeds you are going to get to replace your “lost” hens....:gig

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