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    :d I Have About 12 Pullets They Are About 2 Months Old And I Wondering How Old Before You Start To Give Them Supplements And Vitamins. And When You Do Start Spraying Them For Mites. My Look Very Healthy But You Never Know. Jose.
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    Hi Jose and welcome to BYC!
    I don't give my chickens vitamins. They get a good quality chicken feed (layer feed for mine, since all are laying), oyster shell for good strong eggshells, scrapes from the kitchen, an occasional bowl of low fat plain yogurt and they free range - meaning they are free to roam and find their own food during the day.
    I do regular checks for mites. I do this by going into the coop at night with a flashlight and checking around the chicken's vent area for mites. Also, the roosts, corners and crevices of the coop. So far, I've not had any problem with mites.
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    I don't have answers, but ... [​IMG]
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    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you participate.

    Gritsar knows what she is talking about, as usual. I personally don't like to treat my chickens unless I know I have a problem and am treating for something specific. This link might help you determine if you have mites or lice so you know when to treat.

    Ohio State – Mites and Lice

    And this site tells you what is safe to feed chickens. Near the bottom, it tells you what not to feed your chickens. Most of their diet needs to be their normal feed so they can get a balanced diet, but if they are outside in a large grassy area all day, I would not worry about that. They'll get enough variety if they have a true free choice of greens, seeds and creepy crawlies to eat. I don't give mine extra vitamins either, but as long as you don't overdo it, I don't think it will hurt anything to do so.

    Chicken Treats Chart - Learning Center

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