Pullorum testing and an upcoming move to Florida

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    I just need some information regarding how difficult this testing is to get done--as it appears that to legally transport our flock to Florida where we are moving next month I need to have an NPIP on all my birds. I still haven't made the decision whether to rehome them with a friend or take them but I have become quite attached and hate to leave them behind. If we take them they will be riding along with the horses-separated of course in the tack room section of the trailer. I know that to do everything on the up and up we will have to stop at the ag inspection station after we cross the border. The horses will have their heath certs and negative Coggins tests.

    Chances are the inspectors wouldn't know there were chickens in the tack room unless they decided to be very noisy! But if they check and I don't have the proper paperwork could they confiscate them?

    I don't know if my farm vet can do this testing or is it only authorized by certain individuals? I am wondering how expensive a proposition this could turn out to be for 26 chickees. My head is just spinning over this entire move. I want to do the right thing, and not try to be sneaky or deceptive. [​IMG]
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    I believe that NPIP qualification is a rather long and drawn out process....not sure Pullorum testing is the same thing or just part of NPIP.

    Look on the Florida State Vet website, might get you some info.

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