Puncture Wound


Apr 16, 2016
North Carolina
I have a little Jack Russell dog that has been around chickens for almost 10 years, and has never bothered them. But I came home today to find that she had gotten ahold of one of my young hens, because we leave the coop door open all day and shut them up at night, so they have free run of the yard. She has a small wound where the dog grabbed her, but she is eating and drinking. I was wondering if I needed to put anything on the wound that could help her heal up. (btw she is inside in a cage because she seemed to be in shock and wouldn't stand when we first found her)
She's doing fine now by the way, I was just worried because a neighbors dog a few years back did about the same thing to one of my dads chickens and it ended up not making it. But thanks for the help!

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