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    Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to train my 12 week old puppies not to chase and de-feather my chickens.
    About 2 months ago, when my husband and I went to our cabin in the country, we found 4 puppies, about 4 weeks old, that someone dumped on the side of the road. It was dusk and going to rain any minute, and the thought of leaving them there in the rain to be eaten by coyotes was too much for me. I thought I would bring them back to the city and take them to the humane society. Well........two of my sisters each took one, and we couldn't drop off the other two at the humane society; they would miss their siblings. So we kept the last two. A male and a female; Henry and Hildie! We don't know what mix they are, but they are really cute. The vet thinks they will be about 25-30 pounds. When they first met the chickens who are about 18 weeks, the chickens freaked out! Now they are not bothered by the puppies......as long as the chickens are in the run and the puppies are not! [​IMG]
    This morning the puppies pushed in the little hatch I made to throw in lettuce, watermelon and other treats. and two chickens got out. When I came outside, Henry had Ruby pinned against the wire and was biting her feathers and pulling them out. The right side of her leg is bare. No broken skin though. No bleeding. Hildie was chasing Lucy up into a tree. No damage to her. I want to train them to protect them if needed, otherwise, leave them alone!
    Any suggestions?

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    I held them and let her know they were "mine". She could sniff them, but I didn't hold them out to her like I was giving them to her, but held them against me. I also took her on leash into the chicken run to help her get used to them. When I would let them out of the run, she would try to herd them. (german shepherd) I never trust her alone with them as she's still a dog with good prey drive.

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