Puppies eating chicken feces

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    My yorkies do the same thing! They must have drank from the same watering hole when they were babies, lol. If we don't watch our dogs they will eat enough to make themselves sick. Moderation is the key! Because honestly I don't think I could make them stop, I've tried. [​IMG]
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    Quote:You can give them honey nut cherrios a few times a day and that helps a bunch. I have 2 yoorkies and have never had a problem with them!!

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    Jun 8, 2010
    Thank you for all the input. I can use all the info I can get. I had another puppy crash this morning. He is better now...walking around a bit and drank water on his own. Cali however, is still not wanting to eat or drink on her own. She fights me tooth and nail:) She is now eating every 3 hours via syringe.
    Oh...My beautiful chickens are now in a 50' x 50' fenced in area "away from my dogs)
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    Could it be Parvo? Parvo can be transmitted like a cold virus and you can pick it up going to the feed store, pet store, vet. You can bring it home on you're shoes and hands. Your puppies can get it if they have been walking around outside on the ground. Parvo can live for a very long time in the soil.

    I hand carried my lab puppy into the vet and never let her touch the floor until she had all of her parvo vaccines. I even used hand sanitizer and changed my shoes after leaving the vet. We have a very bad problem with Parvo in our area.[​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Good luck
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    Jun 8, 2010
    Yes, I am sure that it's not parvo. I vaccinated the pups and the only pups that got sick were the ones I saw eat chix feces. I guess it is possible for it to be something else but I can guess forever..[​IMG]
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    Last year, the above story of taking a puppy into a feed store, that had ALREADY had its parvo shots, happened to my son & his new import puppy. We had imported the GS puppy in from Germany/Italy. The puppy came healthy to us withAKC papers, import papers, dog passports, etc. The puppy barely survived parvo after eating a doggie biscuit off the feed store floor. As it was the only outing it had been on since arriving at our house there was no doubt where it caught parvo the vet said. The dog was IVed for 2-3 days and then sent home not given a good chance to make it. It couldnt eat or drink...the vet allowed us to IV around the clock and the puppy finally pulled thru. It was a very long 3 weeks to a month recovery. Parvo is live for a very long time. We had another puppy at home as well as 5 more adult German Shepherds. We bleached everything for a long time after that.
    Now, I have a new puppy as well as 10 month old laying hens that free range 8+ hours a day on our 5 acres. Hen poo is EVERYWHERE. The puppy keeps finding it and has eaten it no mater how careful...she has looked sick afterwards...we will make our first new puppy vet appt. this week...WHAT do I do now? Get rid of my dozen hens? I have a wonderful self built coop and all my hens are loving pets. They love me and our fam. I thought training a GS pup to be a watch dog would be a great idea.... we love our new pup... there is no getting rid of hen poop in the yard...WHAT NOW??? Help please!!!![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Your original post says the pups are 10 weeks old. How many parvo vax have they had? And at what age? Did your vet run a parvo test?

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