Puppies on the way. Guess how many she will have!


Dec 30, 2019
Polk City, FL
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My Coop
Ahh... puppies are on the way.... What kind of puppies you ask? Bloodhound puppies of course! Our gorgeous girl Ruby a deep solid red bloodhound was just bred for the first time recently and just started showing about a week ago. She is due in exactly 3 weeks! She is bred to our handsome boy Jasper a liver and tan bloodhound. This will be Ruby's first litter! Ruby is a pretty decent sized girl. She's quite a bit taller than Jasper. Jasper has had 1 litter with us so far. His first litter was 10 puppies that were huge. Jasper and Ruby both are total sweet hearts. Jasper enjoys playing in the water hose lol. Ruby would rather swim in the pond! Anyways... enough chitchat.... since we have puppies on the way I thought it would be fun to start a guessing game where y'all can guess how many puppies she will have! You can also say if you think the will be mostly boys or girls. This is just for fun!

I will go ahead and guess first... I'll guess she'll have 12 puppies mostly girls. Y'alls turn! Remember nobody will know until she gives birth so give it another 3 weeks and I'll reveal the number of puppies and how many girls and boys there are!

Guess away y'all!


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