Puppy being humped by goats.

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    Mar 13, 2019
    I was looking for a puppy to accompany me while caring for my chickens, ducks, and goats. I saw an ad for anatolian/collie mix. I responded to see if any were left, one was but was already 12 weeks. That’s fine right? So we drove almost 2 hours to “look at it.” When we arrived the farmer said it was in a trailer over yonder, so we drove down and he unlocked a metal horse trailer and pulled out a fairly large puppy. It looked half dead, limp, and covered in ticks. Not what I was looking for at all, but there is NO WAY I’m leaving this puppy here. So we picked all the ticks off qnd he is recovering really well. But the goats come walking up on hind legs and I’ve tried intervening but anytime I turn my back the one goat is humping the dog and the dog just lays there till I run up and save it. Any advice for helping the dog feel more confident or getting the goats to back off would be welcome. Thanks.
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    Feb 22, 2019
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    Sounds like the pup is in rough shape. Maybe once he’s feeling better he’ll be a little more spunky and run from the goats. :sick
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  3. You really hit the nail on the head: your puppy lacks confidence. The best way i know to build it is through obedience and trick training. For everything you want him to learn, lots and lots of (healthy treats). Reward him for every time he looks up at you. A training program i can recommend is "How to train your own service dog.". Of course you aren't training a service dog but the program is great. There are 30 exercises for 30 days. You only concentrate on one skill per day. Then the next day you move on. At the end of 30 days you start over at the level where you ended. This program uses clicker training and teaches you to shape behavior. I suspect the goat situation will resolve itself. The last thing you need is for him to become aggressive to solve the problem. He actually sounds like a very promising dog in spite of his bad start. Good luck!
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  4. Chris-n-Kate

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    Mar 13, 2019
    Do you have a link? I’m not finding it via google.
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  5. Okay so this is the annoying part. It's Amazon Kindle only. I can't do links on my Kindle so I'm just going to have to do my best. The author is Lelah Sullivan and this specific book is $9.99 The description mentions the 30 day intensive. If this doesn't work to find it I'll try my MAC later.
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    You may have to build the poor puppy an Iron Maiden or something like one to keep the goats from scrambling his innards or worse. He may turn, run away and join the puppy pride circus! If you think the ticks have him screwed up now, He'd be screwed for sure then!
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    Mar 13, 2019
    Lol the goats are doelings so scrambling wouldn’t be an issue.
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    Poor pup. :( glad you saved him.
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