Puppy Chasing Guinea Hens and Chickens


Mar 7, 2018
I tried to look into this with other posted threads, but I couldn't ever find one with my specific issue. I have a seven month old Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix. He does great with the chicken and guineas. We free range about fifty of them. He doesn't pay them no mind...they wander the yard right along with him without any issues. That being said, the moment the guineas or chickens get worked up and start flying about, Ted, the puppy, instantly goes into "game of chase" mode and goes after them. He is never malicious and we believe the actually killing is an accident. I watched him catch a mole and just "played" with it until it died. He would pick up the mole and carry it across the yard, and then push it around on the ground with his nose. We haven't actually caught Ted in the act of killing, just the aftermath of when he brings the bird to the house. So, my assumption is that he is killing the hens like he killed the moles. But I don't know how to get him to not go after them once he gets into that mode. He is still learning to listen, as he is still a puppy.


Mar 7, 2018
Is your intention for Ted to live and function as a true LGD or are you managing him as a pet/farm dog?
We got him specifically to keep predators away from the poultry. We live out in the middle of nowhere and I lost my entire flock to a racoon. We have started over this summer, and acquired Ted. I have started him in basic training classes that we attend once a week, but he is our outside dog that I need him to protect the animals.

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He might need to be kept away from the chickens and only allowed out so you can monitor his behaviour. Have someone get the Chickens running while you have him on a leash. Correct him every time he goes after the Chickens I used a down stay and the key word OFF when training all my Dogs. Lots of praise when he does it right.


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Jul 23, 2018
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I use leave it command and drop it if pick up something I want them to let go. Practice Practice Practice. Takes a lot of training. This might be difficult because he has already tasted the kill. If unsuccessful off leash back on leash training. I would not put him with birds until proved himself safe on a leash and does not want to give chase. I agree with the last person till proves is safe. I start with training treats and praise then wean to praise as successfully completes the training exercises. Ten reps one to two times a day with each exercise till reliable demonstrates it independently on que.


Nov 8, 2018
Try and teach it to stop killing your chickens and other birds if that doesn't work then get rid of it.

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