Purchased leg horns got White Rocks


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May 3, 2009
I have two white rocks 2 months old. They have been on chick starter - Should I switch them to meat bird feed and butcher them in a month or longer? I wanted layers and got some white rocks. After reading about Meat Birds I am for sure going to get some Cornish-x's next spring. My concern is the oder, don't want to stink up the neighboorhood. Thanks CK
Yeah, white rocks are not Cornish X. They can be used for both meat and eggs, but are not "meat birds" that need to be butchered at 8 weeks or so, they will live out a chicken lifespan like most breeds will. You can control odors well with things like a poop board, pine shavings, Stall-Dri or similar products.
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White Rocks are a good dual purpose chicken. They do not lay as well as leghorns, they are larger than Leghorns, and they have a much better temperament than Leghorns. Not nearly so flighty. They lay nice big brown eggs. When they are done laying they make a wonderful stewing chicken.
I have white rocks and white leghorns. my leghorns are very very flighty. wonderful layers. but I love my white rocks they are so friendly they lay pretty good very nice LARGE brown(tan) eggs.

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