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Can someone tell me when turkey eggs or poults usually become available?
I know there are a few eggs scattered here and there but when most of the eggs/poults become available.
I am wondering if the heritage breeds will have enough time to grow out for the holidays because I am reading different things regarding the processing age.
I see some hatcheries are offering poults in the middle of April which seems like the timing would be okay but some places are offering them later.
Also, does anyone know of breeders that ship poults? I know about Porter's but they are booked until the end of June which is too late.
I could go with a hatchery but have been told here that the quality is much better from breeders but I don't know of any that ship poults.
I know I can get eggs but my concern is by the time they are available, if I get them and have a bad hatch then its too late to get more because of the time it would take to do another hatch.
I am specifically looking at bourbon reds and white hollands.
Thanks for any help muddling through.

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Thank you. They are actually members of this forum but their website says they don't ship poults, just eggs.
I am on their waiting list for eggs, I am just concerned that if I don't have a good hatch it will be too late to start another batch of eggs.
I am still going to get the eggs from them but I was wondering if any breeders were shipping poults as well.
Hi, the White Hollands have actually just started laying in well. I don't know if Steve had let you know yet, he is already outside talking to the turkeys.

We'll have poults and eggs available. I do need to know at least a month in advance, so I don't pre-sell the eggs though. We have a Bourbon Red trio that is laying very strongly right now. Please feel free to PM or e-mail me at [email protected]
I have 40 heritage hens, 8 breeds, sold 1,100 poults last year! my first egg last year was march 16th, I have 4 beltsville white eggs today! middle march for eggs ,28 days later for poults tom!!!

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