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Feb 13, 2010
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Hi I Am new to the forum and am looking forward to the wealth of information to be learned from other chicken enthusiasts. I am currently thinking about buying some hatching eggs from gabbard farms and wondered what other had for hatch rates from those they'd purchased? ANy help here would be appreciated. And Does anyone know anything about Iowa BLues? Need help with what is desirable.... We have Iowa Blues, Wellsummers, Delawares.


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Mar 17, 2008
Gabbard Farms have some amazing eggs and Julie is wonderful to deal with. She's a great seller, packages carefully and stands behind her birds.

If you've never purchased hatching eggs through the mail before, let me just warn you, that no matter who you buy them from, a 50% hatch rate is considered good. Shipping can be hard on eggs, so generally you have lower hatch rates on shipped eggs than you do when hatching out of your own eggs, but I love the variety you can get buying hatching eggs.

Glad you joined the forum!

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