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Nov 8, 2008
my nieghbors and good friends children love raising chickens. So they gathered my eggs while all my breeding pens where pure right before i moved them to their break pen where they all go together. Eggs got tossed in the incubator. I do have pure amerauncas so i know it is one of their offspring. however unsure if the egg was from which time period. If had a orphington in the pen at the time or my amercauna roo was mating at the time.. I was just showing the kids how to incubate. They kept this one because shes so sweet. I told them to keep her safe till we can decide what she is. She sure as heck to me looks pure amercauna. legs are slate, but if she isnt pure that would make her a EE. Which i am jumping at a chance to get eggs from them that are this good looking if they are ee's. Either way I think they cant miss with this little lady. What do you think ?

The kids named her Silvia.

note : shes from my chickens , just not mine. I gave all eggs that where incubated to the neighbors kids.

She either came from my white amercauna or her blue daughter. Father wax either. Blue Amercaua or a lavender orphington. She sure looks pure but I am not sure if the amecauna roo was mating. But from the looks he must have ,am I correct to say she's pure ? What would the color be and does she seem pure to anyone else. Praying I find a nice roo to give them for her.
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Can someone chime in and let me know if i am correct to say she is indeed a blue amercauna ? I want to give the a answer , and she has the muffs, slate legs, shes so stunning in person too. The family is in love with her. I just wanted some with a better eye then me to tell me what they think.
It is a little hard to say, as Orpingtons will not change the leg color. Lavender Orpington x Blue Ameraucana can indeed make blue Easter Eggers, too. How big are her beard/muffs? How does he comb look for her age?
She's got nice puffs , her comb is small but looks like a rose comb. She looks very pure. I am thinking daddy was the amercauna roo I gave away because to much coppering around his neck. Guess he mated with her. She looks just like her mommy.
Well guess I will just wait till she lays. Sure kids will be bringing me the first egg she lays. If it blue will assume she's pure. Thank you for the response was really hoping someone would be able to look and help me. I was not home when the kids gathered the eggs as I was at the hospital for long time with my son. Otherwise the eggs would have been marked.

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