Pure Bred Large Fowl Orpingtons

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    Dec 11, 2011
    For pictures of my birds, visit my website. Most of them are on there . www.HeronsNestOrganics.com
    This list is for pre-order. I accept paypal or check. I am currently incubating and most have begun laying well!!!

    Lemon Cuckoo Orpington- $15
    English Chocolate Orpington - $20 (these birds are MASSIVE)
    English Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington - $25
    Lavender Orpington - Sale $20 (Very large)
    BBS Orpingtons _ Sale $10 (Very Large)
    English Gold Laced Orpington - $25 (Medium to large)
    Red Cuckoo Orpington - $20
    Red Orpington - $20 SOLD OUT FOR NOW
    English Silver Laced Orpington - $60 (girls Large, Boys are huge)
    Lavender Splash Orpington - $15
    Mauve Orpington - $30 SOLD OUT FOR NOW
    Black Cuckoo - $25 Available in April
    Filler chicks $10 - (what's available)

    I am NPIP. Shipping is a straight $45 with a 6 chick minimum. Orders are filled in the order received and upon availability. Please see my site for terms and conditions.

    We are and organic farm in Oregon raising birds on pasture. Our farm maintains high standards for quality of living for our birds. We have 18 breeding pens and 6 pastures. Every breeding pen has a private yard. I am committed to keeping blood lines pure with a focus on form, color and comb. I like my birds large and fluffy! Keep those tails high!!!!!!!
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