Pure white chick???


11 Years
Feb 20, 2008
Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Ok, I'm stumped.

Picked up chicks from TSC today, and I bought three solid white bantam chicks. Not yellow chick, white adult, no, snow white chicks. Blue/grey eyes, clean legs (no feathers on legs), 4 toes, pink beak and legs. What are they???

The photos look a little yellower than they are because of their incandescent heat light. The chicks are on a white paper towel, for comparison.



Emily in NC
Those are White OEs! Or they likely are. Aren't they adorable? I was shocked last year when I hatched my first White eggs to find a pure white baby. They're quite the eye catcher.
I'm glad they're all girls then! I have a red/black Old English bantam roo, plus a black tailed white japanese bantam cockerel who will need some little hens of his own soon.
Wow, seriously, I've never seen white chicks before! Those are some adorable girls you've got there!
There were six there, and someone had already paid for three of them. I got the remaining three. I sat there for nearly two hours to make sure I got the ones I wanted. They say that they have to let them eat and drink (and pump them full of antibiotics, yuck!) before they can sell them. Oh well, I have mine, no more need to go back this year, lol.
What? Because they're white? That's rediculous. My Whites hatched strong as a fiddle. They were some of my healthiest babies. Be sure to not feed them yellow cracked corn though. They'll turn yellow. And keep them out of the sun. Well, you can let them eat cracked corn and be in the sunlight, but if you want a pure white bird you have to care for it differently.
I am just curios. What is the legband for? And how do you get that off?

They are beautiful.
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